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Formation and Dissolution - From the very outset, Markotsis & Lieberman assists its clients in determining the type of organizational entity best for them and drafts the necessary documentation to form that entity. We also draft and negotiate other relevant documents, including shareholder buy/sell agreements and member operating agreements. During the life of the entity, Markotsis & Lieberman will draft documentation as needed for whatever may arise. When necessary, we can guide you through the dissolution process to ensure it be done properly and effectively.


Business Purchases and Sales - We are experienced in business transactions, representing both buyers and sellers. This includes stock sales, asset sales and other transfers of interest. We are also familiar in protecting a seller financing all or part of the sales price.


Agreements - Our practice has come across situations where it has been necessary to draft various types of agreements. From employment agreements to confidentiality agreements to license agreements, Markotsis & Lieberman has prepared them for clients. We have also prepared numerous agreements pertaining to particular situations which have arisen, paying attention to the specific needs of the client in the situation.


Assistance - Whether it be drafting terms and conditions to include on invoices to better protect the client, simply answering a question or finding a source of funds, Markotsis & Lieberman is there to help every step of the way

No matter whether you are a small, privately-owned business or are a large and growing corporation, you will receive tremendous service from our team of legal professionals.

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